jan 30 2018

EBL European Junior Pairs free of charge?

Dear all junior contacts and juniors throughout Europe,

The EBL Youth Committee strongly believes that getting together with other juniors is important for the motivation of every young player. Therefore we are making a campaign to support internet training for juniors and to make awareness of the European Junior Pairs Championships and the following camp in Opatija, Croatia this summer.

Please read the enclosed flyer and pass this mail on to whom it may interest.

We hope to see you all on BBO and in Opatija,

Best regards

The EBL Youth Committee (Chairman Micke Melander and members Gilad Ofir, Milan Macura, Karlis Rubins and Trine Binderkrantz)

EBL BBO training-Opatija2018 flyer-240118

Celkom prečítané 97 krát.
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